Hand made silk paper


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Hand made silk paper
Hand made silk paper


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    Wash and flush the raw silk.
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    Spread the raw silk out on a piece of plastic.
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    Drip silk colours across the silk using a pipette.
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    Use your fingers to dab so the colours will mix.
    Let the raw silk dry.
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    Damp fix the raw silk 5-10 minutes. Don't let the strainer with raw silk touch the water!
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    Flush away the excess colour.
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    Spread the moist raw silk out on one of the pieces of moulding nets.
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    You can decorate the raw silk with coloured raw silk, silk yarn etc.
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    Put the other piece of moulding net over the raw silk.
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    Massage thin wallpaper paste into the raw silk while it is wet.
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    Carefully remove the top moulding net and let the piece of art dry.

    You can also dry the raw silk over a glass. When it is dry it will stay in like this.
    Using this technique you can make your own fantastic colour blendsin the beautiful raw silk. The raw silk can be used for beautiful textile pictures, candle holders etc. The art works can be decorated with things like beads and yarn.

    The activity applies mainly for bigger children and adults.

    If you are working with children, you should help out with the damp fixating. It is a good idea to use covering and gloves when you are working with the colours

    Using the new silk products you have a lot of opportunities to make beautiful candle holders, pretty jewelleries, exciting 3D pictures and much more. When the silk is being processed with wallpaper paste it can dry over a glass or another form. When the silk is dry it will keep its shape while you are still able to sence the beautiful structure of the silk, its gloss and softness.
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