Prinsessahame tyllistä ja organzasta


Mittaa lapsen vyötärö ja kerro se kahdella, näin saat oikean kangasmenekin. Ompele tylli ja organza kuminauhaan, ensin harsimalla ja sitten koneella. Voit halutessasi tehdä useampikerroksisen hameen. Työn helpottamiseksi nido paljettinauhat nitojalla.

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Prinsessahame tyllistä ja organzasta
Prinsessahame tyllistä ja organzasta


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    Tulle and organza are available on 50cm wide rolls. Depending on the child's height and size, a good idea is to measure the child's waist and multiply the fabric length by two. So if the child is 55cm around the waist, the length of a layer of tulle should be approx. 110cm in order to get a suitable gathering effect. It's far easier to sew a tack seam in the tulle where the gathering is pulled, before sewing tulle and organza onto a wide elastic cord with the sewing machine. You can make several layers which can be cut into lengths or strips for decoration etc. To make it really simple, sequins, sequin ribbon and organza flowers have been stapled on with small staples.
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