Dip'n Dye and Tie-Dye on a T-Shirt


Dye a white T-shirt using two techniques. The tie-dye technique; tie cotton cord tightly in two places and secure with a tight knot to prevent colour penetrating. The dip'n dye technique; dip in multiple dye baths, first light then dark colours.

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1.   Tie a piece of cotton cord around the chest area of the T-shirt and wind it around several times. Tie a tight knot at the end to secure the cotton cord. The area with the tied-on cotton cord will appear the lightest after the tie-dyeing process.
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2.   Pour 5 liters of 30-60°C hot water in a tub with 500g fine household salt.
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3.   Wear plastic gloves and begin the dyeing with the lightest of the chosen colours using the dip'n dye technique. Dissolve half a bottle of fabric dye (50ml) and 100g fixing agent. Read more about the mixing ratio on the fabric dye package – eg. if large quantities of fabric and colour need to be adjusted. NB: Use several tubs as all the colours may be prepared in advance allowing the process to run smoothly.
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4.   Gently dip the T-shirt up and down in the dye bath for 5-10 minutes - depending on the desired colour intensity.
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5.   Now dip the T-shirt in the tub with the next darkest colour. Continue this procedure with a colour change to a darker shade each time.
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6.   Rinse the T-shirt after the last dye bath in clean, lukewarm water. Change the rinsing water two or three times, remove the cotton cords and rinse one last time.
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A TIP   Half a bottle of fabric dye (50 ml) in 5 liters of water is sufficient for fully dyeing two T-shirts. This amount, however, is sufficient for dyeing approx. 8 T-shirts in the same solution when using the dip'n dye technique.
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Another variant   See also inspiration No. 13068.
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