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Auringonpaiste ja kesäloma tarjoavat paljon luovaa kesäpuuhaa lapsille. Tältä sivulta löydät luovia tuotteita ja ideoita, jotka tekevät kesästä entistäkin hauskemman ja luovemman. Monet askarteluseteistämme ja tuotteistamme voi ottaa mukaan kesälomalle° – ne sopivat erinomaisesti autossa istumisen viihdykkeeksi, tauon ajaksi uima-altaalla tai hauskanpitoon kesämökin nurmikolla. Settimme takaavat luovaa kesäpuuhaa tuntikausiksi. Piirrä jalkakäytävälle jättiliiduilla, ompele hauskoja huopahirviöitä, muuta kivet suloisiksi merieläimiksi, maalaa herkullisia jäätelöitä ja kakkuja – ja muista myös suosittu Silk Clay® -massamme, jota voit muovailla kaikkiin eri muotoihin aina leikkikeittiön ruuista suloisiksi eläimiksi ja pelottaviksi hirviöiksi – ja paljon muuta. Nauti lasten luovista kesäpuuhista.

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Tutustu kesän uusiin ideoihin

Askarteluboxit ja -setit lapsille

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Paljon luovia ideoita kesään

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Hauskoja hirviöitä ja herkkuja

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Creative Activities for Children's Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is here, and it's time to pack the car and embark on adventures. Whether you're heading to a cozy summer house, planning an exciting road trip, or diving into a camping adventure, there's always room for creative summer activities. With our craft kits, you can take creativity anywhere – and you're sure to find something that suits the whole family. For example, children can paint on stones with markers – and if you have older school children, making DIY jewelry is perfect.

Explore our extensive range of kits for the summer vacation and choose the craft projects that best suit your children's ages. Remember that you can find the recommended age and level on each kit. You can also discover individual items that children love – and that should always be in the hobby drawer at home or in the summer house. Here, we can mention our glitter clay, creative multi-markers, or our popular classics, Silk Clay and Foam Clay. These products are super flexible – easy for children to use – and perfect for various summer craft projects.


Fun Indoor Activities

You probably know it. Children have summer vacation, but the weather forecast shows rain showers and gray weather. However, the weather should not be an obstacle. We have gathered the best summer activities for children that can easily be done indoors. The activities are fun, creative, and cozy – and all you need is a craft kit from cchobby:


  • Easy DIY jewelry with lots of summer colors

    Making bead jewelry is an easy and fun way to spend time during the summer vacation. So, when your older school children are off from school, this is an activity to consider. Choose from several of our jewelry kits, where both materials and instructions are included. They can create the finest bead necklaces and bracelets – and they can freely combine the colors and shapes they like best. The result will be personalized jewelry that your children can wear all summer.


  • Fun figures with modeling

    Most children love shaping and modeling – making it a popular activity for the summer vacation. You probably usually use air-drying clay when children are modeling, but we always recommend our Silk Clay and Foam Clay. Both materials are self-hardening – curing in just a few hours. Compared to traditional clay, it is drier in consistency. So, when children use it, it doesn't smudge or make a mess. It is, therefore, super easy to clean up after. But the best part is that it is super easy for children to work with. They can shape fun imaginary figures, fruits, and cakes – or create cute keychains for their school bags.

    Find our extensive range of Foam Clay and Silk Clay here. The materials are available in many lovely colors and in practical, round plastic tubs. You can also try our various modeling kits, which contain everything children need.


  • Fine drawings with markers

    If your children love to draw, it can be an obvious indoor activity when the summer weather is bad. If you want, the theme can be summer motifs, so children can, for example, draw flowers, beaches, or big ice creams. Try our cute drawing kit, where children can learn to draw waffle cones, soda ice creams, and delicious cakes in lots of colors. It's super fun – and it also develops several of the children's skills. When children draw or color, they strengthen fine motor skills – and learn more about shapes and colors.


  • Decorate tote bags and pencil cases

    If you need more inspiration for creative indoor activities, textile decoration is a sure winner. It's fun for children to create their expressions with markers and stickers. Both are designed specifically for textiles, so they get the best results. You can buy textile markers and stickers individually on our website – or try a craft kit for textile decoration, which contains all the materials you need. With the kit, children can create a cool pencil case or a cute tote bag with beautiful summer motifs.


Whatever activities you and the children embark on, there are plenty of fantastic experiences ahead, and the children get the chance to unleash their creativity and perhaps discover exciting new ways to use their hands. The finished creations are perfect as gifts or as cozy holiday memories that will bring joy for many years to come.


Outdoor Summer Fun

When the sun finally shines, it's time to be creative under the summer sun. Take a day or two where you turn off phones and tablets and engage in fun outdoor activities that everyday life is usually too busy for. If you need inspiration, we have gathered the best outdoor activities for children's creative summer vacation here:


  • Paint on stones with markers

    Painting on stones has always been a true classic when it comes to summer vacation with children. Many children get absorbed in the activity – and find it really fun to transform the stones into funny figures. Try our DIY kit for stone decoration, where children can create fine stone monsters with markers and glitter clay. They can decide how crazy, funny, and dangerous the monsters should look – and if you like, you can also use unique stones that you find on the beach. Find a nice, shaded spot outside where children can sit and paint the stones - for example, under the garden's large trees or on the terrace under the parasol. Here, they can sit for hours, creating colorful stones in long rows.


  • Paint tiles with sidewalk chalk

    Most children love to draw, and it only gets more fun when it all happens in the summer sun with extra-large chalks. With sidewalk chalk, your children can create large artworks on the tiles in front of the house – on the sidewalk – or on the playground's asphalt. Let them paint familiar motifs that remind them of summer. It could be butterflies, rainbows, or the sun. Children can also write letters and numbers – or draw hopscotch squares for them to jump through. Only imagination sets limits – and when the rain washes away the sidewalk chalk, children can start over with new artworks. You can find our street chalk right here. The chalk comes in a large, convenient plastic bucket with a handle, making it easy to move.


Take a craft kit with you on your travels

Even if the summer vacation involves a trip abroad, you can still create creative activities for your children while you are away. Our craft kits are a fantastic solution for holidays abroad. They come in compact and portable packaging that can easily be packed in your luggage or backpack – without taking up too much space. That way, it's always possible to have craft activities at hand, no matter where you and your children are. Whether it's on the beach, in the car, or in the hotel room, you can open your craft kit and create creative entertainment easily and quickly. Everything you need is included in the kit, making it even more convenient. This means you don't have to worry about finding extra materials or tools. So, the next time you pack for vacation, consider including a kit or two for the children.

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